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It all started with questioning the status quo…


Hi, I am Alexandra from South Tyrol, Italy. That means majestic mountains, clean air, and lots of natural produce. I also lived in London for several years, during which I embarked on trips around the world.


I was quickly hooked by this fast paced lifestyle, but soon after realised that it started taking a toll on my health. I became more conscious of the food I ate and the quality of the air around me, but it took me a while to realise the importance of what went on, and under, my skin...


I was underwhelmed time after time with my experience with various cosmetics brands and products, only to realise that the industry and some of its longstanding brands were not as honest and transparent as one would imagine them to be.


I took it upon myself to read into and decipher those ingredients and went on a search for cleaner alternatives.


Change is possible


Along the way, I realised that I was not alone in that realisation; these companies no longer enjoy the trust consumers once placed in them – to the contrary, for most, they are increasingly reminiscent of a liberal use of chemicals, long and enigmatic ingredient lists, and health scandals.


I also came across several independent producers that realised that change is actually possible and that it starts with little steps: they produce responsibly-sourced, high quality, and honest natural cosmetics products.


But all this discovery journey was overly complex, time consuming, and, at times, frustrating. I wished there were more reliable sources of information.


Re-imagining cosmetics


That’s when I met my business partners, like-minded individuals who are passionate to change things for the better in this industry. We decided to do the job for you: 

We came up with the concept of ENVI, a natural cosmetics platform that:


  • Employs a very strict set of criteria for product selection to bring you the best-of-breed products from select producers that share our values

  • Believes in your “right to know”, so you can make informed decisions about your beauty and personal care

  • Puts the environment first at every step of the way; from ethical ingredients to eco-friendly packaging, carbon neutral deliveries and responsible disposal

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