Beauty with Principles


Beauty with Principles


 Amala, the Organic Skincare Lable - Made in Germany - stands for verifiably effective skin care of the new generation, which lets your beauty shine. Purest skin care - dermatologically tested. Also 5-star spas around the world trust the leading certified natural cosmetics collection from Amala.

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 Amala, the Organic Skincare Lable - Made in Germany - stands for verifiably effective skin care of the new generation, which lets your beauty shine. Purest skin care - dermatologically tested. Also 5-star spas around the world trust the leading certified natural cosmetics collection from Amala.

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Amala Beauty: Exclusive natural cosmetics that bestow an attractive radiance

There are combinations of letters that produce a melodic sound by themselves. And there are those that additionally relax the facial muscles and provoke a tiny smile. Amala undoubtedly falls into this category. However, the luxurious natural cosmetics label does not owe its name to this pleasant effect alone: Amala is borrowed from Sanskrit and means "the purest".

In this respect, Amala is a name, corporate philosophy and value proposition in one: The exclusive natural cosmetics line only uses precious, nutrient-rich, purely biological ingredients: their effectiveness has been optimized over years of research. This is another reason why Amala is one of the preferred care products, valued in top international spas.

What exactly is Amala?

Amala is the only exclusive natural cosmetics line that bears the Natrue seal - for certified, natural care - and at the same time has its formulations independently tested in clinical studies. In doing this, the company from Oy-Mittelberg in the Allgäu, generate complete transparency, so to speak.

It guarantees the 100% natural and organic origin of its ingredients, the absence of animal products, aluminum, alcohol, gluten and lactose - while demonstrating the effectiveness of its products.

All Amala products contain active ingredient complexes of pro- and prebiotics, which give the skin's microbiome protection to ward off harmful influences. A very pleasant feeling on the skin sets in after the first application.

A feel-good effect that increases with continued use, parallel to a visible optimization of the complexion. The innovative natural cosmetics for velvety soft, radiant and fresh skin are made in Germany and are guaranteed not to be tested on animals.

What cosmetic products does Amala offer?

The Amala Beauty repertoire includes all products that are recommended for optimal cleansing, care and regeneration of the skin. So for cleansing and clearing, anti-aging and renewing, collagen and hyaluronic boosting, skin perfecting and skin calming.

For night care that results in an attractive face glow in the morning - and of course for the daily luminosity of an even complexion. A characteristic of the exclusive natural cosmetics is that the active ingredient complexes of the individual products never work in isolation, but have a fundamentally positive effect on the overall condition of the skin.

The Amala Advanced Firming Complex, for example, demonstrates this effect very impressively, which is one of Amala's bestsellers, also here in our ENVI Naturals Shop. The Advanced Firming Complex contains acai stem cells with ferulic acid, which reduces skin irritation and counteracts skin aging.

Cacay seed oil, cocoa butter and sea buckthorn oil also work to regenerate the skin by moisturizing. At the same time, however, they promote the "orderly" cell structure, which is reflected in an even complexion.

Finally, Maca root peptides stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid and give the skin an attractive, fresh glow. As a result, the Advanced Firming Complex stands for a smooth complexion and high skin density, which in turn is a prerequisite for resilience and elasticity.

The Collagen-Boosting Peptide Mask and the Youth-Renewing Powerhouse Eye-Cream are also perfect for your beauty.

What is the benefit of Amala cosmetics?

The special thing about the Amala formulas is the sophisticated combination of active plant ingredients that the skin recognizes as its own structural building blocks. This is how unique teamwork between skin and product succeeds.

In principle, the skin interacts with cream or serum by absorbing the required ingredients in its own cell balance. The bio-fermented active plant ingredients help to balance the delicate balance of the microbiome on the skin.

Amala Cosmetics thus provides the skin with a range of nutrients from which it can independently obtain the building blocks it currently needs. The soothing cocktail of natural ingredients in the cream, serum or oil helps to permanently avoid dry or scaly areas, for example.

It counteracts unpleasant redness and strengthens skin stressed by cold, heat or intense sunlight. The skin no longer looks dull and tired - because it actually isn't.

What skin types is Amala suitable for?

As already mentioned, the wide range of effects of the Amala cosmetic products adapts very individually to the respective skin needs. Nevertheless, Amala recommends some products for pronounced skin types, others less so. You can easily specify the selection by clicking on the appropriate skin type here in our ENVI Naturals Shop.

You can choose between "Normal" or "For all skin types", "Combination skin", "Dry" or "Oily", as well as "Mature skin" and "Sensitive, sensitive skin". The suggested Amala products then pay special attention to type-related irritations. Information on the application can be found under the product.

Where can I buy Amala cosmetics?

You can buy the luxurious natural cosmetics line, Amala, here in our ENVI Naturals Shop. We are pleased that we can offer the wide repertoire of the luxury brand, which not only stands for the purest and best skin care, but also for ecological responsibility and sustainable quality. Amala impressively represents the superiority of natural cosmetics without synthetic additives, petrochemicals, parabens and without genetic engineering.

It is not in vain that many top international spas use Amala for their treatments. Amala is the luxury your skin deserves. Precious and efficient. And that should be taken literally:

For example, the Illuminating Pro-Retinoic Treatment Oil not only contains organic cacay seed oil from the Amazon, which is particularly rich in omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E, and tightens the skin and strengthens its protective barrier.

Or olive squalane, which creates a silky finish. Amala has also added the finest flakes of 23 carat gold to the Treatment Oil - which penetrate directly into the skin's surface and thus create a radiant complexion.

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