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Everything Oil
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Everything Oil

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Product information "Everything Oil"

A multi-tasking blend of balancing, anti-inflammatory oils for your face, body and hair If you could only bring one skincare product to a desert island, Everything Oil is the one. It cleanses, nourishes and leaves your skin clear, calm and glowing. Jojoba oil helps lock in moisture and regulates sebum production. Grapeseed, hemp oil and Vitamin E-rich Sunflower oil are strongly anti-inflammatory and balancing. Rosehip oil and Apricot Oil provide a host of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, leaving your skin calm, smooth and soft.

how to use

As an oil cleanser: Massage a small amount of Everything Oil onto uncleaned, dry skin to remove make-up, dirt and dead skin cells. Dip the Cleansing Cloth (or a washcloth) into very warm water and gently remove the oil. Your skin will be super clean, but not dried out. As a light moisturizer: Massage four to five drops of Everything Oil after cleansing onto the still moist skin to soothe it and seal the moisture in the skin. Pro-Tip: If your skin needs extra moisture, mix Everything Oil in the palm of your hand with Floral Essence to form a light emulsion and apply after cleansing like a normal cream. Here’s how to customize Everything Oil for all your skin needs: As a mask: Mix a few drops of Everything Oil with a teaspoon of Cleansing Clay and a teaspoon of Floral Essence to form a cleansing, clarifying mask. As a body oil: massage Everything Oil onto moist skin to lock in moisture and enjoy the aromas of soothing lavender and warm mandarine. In the bath: add one tablespoon of Everything Oil to the bath water to gently nourish your skin while taking your bath and protect it from drying out As hair oil: Put two to three drops in the palm of your hand and work the oil into the lengths and dry ends As a peeling: Mix two tablespoons of fine sea salt with a teaspoon of Everything Oil for a full body exfoliation.

Product Properties

Free from

Animal Products, Fragrance, Alcohol

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    Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

    Jojoba oil is extracted from seeds of the desert shrub, Simmondsia chinensis, native to California, Arizona and Mexico.

  • 2


    Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

    Sunflower oil is extracted from the seeds of the sunflower, Helianthus annuus.

  • 3


    Prunus Armeniaca Seed Oil

  • 4


    Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

    Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant.

  • 5


    Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil

  • 6


    Rosa Canina Fruit Oil

    Rosa Canina Fruit Oil is an oil derived from rose hips, Rosa canina.

  • 7



    Tocopherols are a class of naturally occurring chemical compounds related to Vitamin E

  • 8


    Lavandula Angustifolia Seed Oil

    A volatile oil obtained from Lavendula officinalis, a common medicinal plant; can act as an allergen.

  • 9


    Citrus Reticulata Peel Oil

    Peel oil from any species/subspecies with accepted scientific name of C. reticulata, including tangerine (C. reticulata blanco), mandarin (C. nobilis), satsuma (C. unshiu), and C. medica vulgaris.

  • 10



    Limonene is a scent ingredient and solvent naturally ocurring in the rind of citrus fruit. Upon storage and exposure to sunlight and air, limonene degrades to various oxidation products which act as skin and respiratory irritants and sensitizers.

  • 11



    Linalool is a terpene.

  • 12


    Geraniol Natural Components of Essential Oils

    Geraniol is a naturally occurring scent ingredient found in various essential oils such as rose oil and citronella oil.


The Glow is a ultra-pure skincare line made in Germany.
100% natural, untreated ingredients from certified
organic or wildcrafted sources.

The concept is very simple: free your skin and
nourish it with only the finest organic ingredients,
unprocessed and raw to preserve their healing powers.

The Glow Essentials is a minimalist toolkit consisting
of five products which you can use on their own or mix
and match to form new products. Uncompromisingly pure,
formulated without any synthetic ingredients, fillers or added water.
very product consists of a carefully curated line-up of the
most potent ingredients on earth. All ingredients play a vital
role in supporting your skin’s health, enabling it to repair
and heal itself.

Our skincare is made up of 100% cold-pressed
plant oils, plant butters, hydrosols and botanical actives from
certified organic or wild-crafted sources.


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May 1, 2021

Ein Top Produkt

Verwende es nicht nur für das Gesicht, was danach wirklich einen Glow hat, auch für die Haarspitzen ist es für mich die beste Pflege! Und der Duft ist wunderbar, weil natürlich!

Nov 10, 2020

Perfekte Reiniger & perfekte Feuchtigkeitscreme

Habe dieses Produkte gerade getestet und bin sehr begeistert.

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